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            Company Profile

            Founded in June 2017, Ningbo Zhechuang Technologies Co., Ltd. is located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. It is 60 kilometers far from Ningbo, 148 kilometers far from Shanghai and 138 kilometers far from Hangzhou. The traffic is very convenient to all these three cities, and it connects the economy of these three cities. Zhechuang Technologies is mainly focus on the material research, set the new 3D printing material as our core business, and willing to support all of our new materials to our customers. Zhechuang Technologies adheres to the concept of product innovation and good customer service, constantly introducing innovative products to meet our customer’s need.

            At the beginning of establishment, Zhechuang Technologies is embarking on creating a professional and efficient research group. During this process, we have very deep discussion with several colleges and universities, and have already established a unit research center for new materials with Zhejiang University. At the same time, Zhechuang Technologies has established one 3D Printing Industrial Park to serve all customer in Yangtze River Delta region and beyond. Zhechuang Technologies will provide a whole 3D printing solution, which including product design, prototypes and small batch production.

            Zhechuang Technologies set "people-oriented, continuous innovation" as our company values, committed to being the leader in the domestic 3D printing industry. All staff is cooperating on the goal of improving Chinese 3D printing industry.

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