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            3D printing material


            ABS-101 is one kind of?white, low-viscosity liquid photosensitive resin for SLA 3d Printer. The prototypes?it made?have ABS-like properties that are high accuracy?and good?toughness. This material can be used in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics and other industrial areas of the mother model, conceptual model, general parts, functional parts of the production.

            Product introduction
            • Application

            • Application design of new product

            • Design of functional prototype

            • Mould、prototype

            • Could be?assembled

            • Can be directly screwed

            • Electrical components、Chassis、Anime?models

            • Features

            • White Appearance

            • The scanning speed is extremely fast

            • Low viscosity

            • Smooth surface?for prototype

            • High toughness

            • High dimensional accuracy

            • Samples have better compatibility with post-treatment coatings

            • Tiny??Shrinkage and excellent yellowing resistance

            • Advantage

            • Faster molding speed can greatly shorten the printing duration

            • Low viscosity makes cleaning process very easy, and meanwhile it will reduce?material waste

            • High precision and high toughness of printing?material?improve dimensional stability and accuracy of parts

            • Printed parts have excellent moisture resistance, good chemical resistance, and low shrinkage

            • Articles have a certain adsorption force, can meet the complex coating?requirements

            technical parameter

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